• DISCHARGE: You will be discharged after recovery on the same day of the procedure. This will enable early mobilization and promotes faster recovery. You will be kept in the hospital if problems arise and/or if you need to be observed overnight.
  • PAIN MEDICATION: Please take Ibuprofen 600 mg every 6 hours by mouth as needed for pain unless you are allergic to Ibuprofen or any of its related medications. Please take this with food. You may take 1-2 tablets of Norco every 6 hours by mouth as needed for pain unless you are allergic to Tylenol or Hydrocodone.
  • INCISION CARE: You will have dressings on all of the incisions. Please remove all of these 24 hours after surgery and take a shower. (If you have staples on the incision, they will stay on until you see us in one week. We will remove them at this time. If you have dissolvable sutures, there will be no need to remove them.) You can shower daily after this. Do not scrub on the incision. You may allow soap and water to run over it to clean it, then blot it dry.
  • RESTRICTIONS: DO NOT drive while taking your narcotic pain medication. You may start driving in 3 days if not taking any narcotics. NO sexual activity for 1 week or until cleared by your physician. DO NOT lift any weights greater than 10 lbs. for 1 week.


Please call our office if you experience any of the following:

  • Incisions are red and swollen, or if there is foul-smelling discharge from them.
  • Fever greater than 101F.
  • Pain that is uncontrolled with pain medications.
  • Persistent nausea or vomiting.
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding:  Filling 1 pad per hour for more than two consecutive hours.
  •  Foul-smelling vaginal discharge.
  • Burning or pain with urination or difficulty to empty your bladder.


We will see you in the office for a 1-week post-procedure visit, and also a 2-week post-op visit for incision check and recovery.

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